Author: Apple on Today, 09:31
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iDatabase 5.0 macOS

iDatabase 5.0 | macOS | 24 mb
With iDatabase, you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, keep track of your passwords, internet accounts and much more! You can choose from its ready to use and easy to personalize database templates to organize any type of information or you can create a totally new database from scratch.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:30
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iCollections 4.6 macOS

iCollections 4.6 | macOS | 5 mb
iCollections is an expertly designed application which helps you keep your desktop organized. The app's unique features are what make it one of the most popular methods of desktop organization for Mac users.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:29
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EdgeView 2.460 macOS

EdgeView 2.460 | macOS | 15 mb
EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer; you can open various image files, and can open archive files such as ZIP and RAR in its built-in file browser without extraction; you can also connect to FTP and open files directly; EdgeView is an excellent choice when viewing and managing image or cartoon files such as archives.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:28
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Decibel 1.3.5 macOS

Decibel 1.3.5 macOS | 23 MB
Decibel is an audio player tailored to the particular needs of audiophiles. Decibel supports all popular lossless and lossy audio formats including FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Speex, True Audio, Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3, MOD, DSF, DSDIFF, WAVE and AIFF. For lossless formats such as FLAC and WAVE, and for Ogg Vorbis and specially tagged MP3 files, Decibel supports gapless playback with seamless transitions between tracks.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:26
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Cyberduck 6.7.1 Multilingual macOS

Cyberduck 6.7.1 Multilingual | macOS | 106 mb
Cyberduck is an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure & OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox browser to transfer files to your web hosting service provider and connecting to cloud storage accounts from Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Storage and Amazon S3 with the same easy to use interface with quickly accessible bookmarks.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:25
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BusyContacts 1.3.0 macOS

BusyContacts 1.3.0 macOS | 19 MB
BusyContacts is a contact manager for OS X that makes creating, finding, and managing contacts faster and more efficient. BusyContacts brings to contact management the same power, flexibility, and sharing capabilities that BusyCal users have enjoyed with their calendars. What's more, BusyContacts integrates seamlessly with BusyCal forming a flexible, easy to use CRM solution that works the way you do.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:24
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BusyCal 3.5.0 macOS

BusyCal 3.5.0 macOS | 23 MB
BusyCal is an award-winning desktop calendar that combines personal productivity features for individuals with powerful calendar sharing capabilities for families and workgroups.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:23
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BetterTouchTool 2.646 macOS

BetterTouchTool 2.646 macOS | 21.8 MB
BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed app that allows you to configure many gestures for your Magic Mouse (1 & 2), Macbook Trackpad and Magic Trackpad (1 & 2) and also Mouse Gestures for normal mice. It also allows you to configure actions for keyboard shortcuts, normal mice buttons and the Apple Remote.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:22
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Alien Skin Snap Art macOS

Alien Skin Snap Art REPACK | macOS | 32 mb
Transforming your photographs into beautiful works of art has never been easier than with Snap Art 4. By analyzing the visual elements and techniques of artists through the centuries, we have designed Snap Art to produce images that look they were made by a human, not a computer.

Author: Apple on Today, 09:21
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Virtual Vertex Muster 9 v9.0.7 Build 10807 (x64)

Virtual Vertex Muster 9 v9.0.7 Build 10807 (x64) | 62 Mb
Muster 9 is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management and distributed data processing system tailored for films production, games development, and visual effects industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from more than fifteen years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster maximizes your computing capabilities and let you delegate the resources automation and monitoring to a complete integrated environment.

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